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Did you know our food contains ingredients linked to deforestation? Take action and ask the EU to stop this now! together4forests.eu
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Our forests are in danger - tell the EU to act now!


Climate change, raging forest fires, and sprawling agriculture are wiping out our planet’s forests, savannahs and other precious ecosystems.

This devastation of nature is happening fast - and it is directly connected to the meat, dairy, palm oil, coffee and chocolate we eat in Europe. From the Amazon to the Asian rainforests, the EU is responsible for more than 10% of global forest destruction.

You can help! We've created a petition that will allow you to quickly and easily participate in a public consultation on EU action to tackle the EU's forest destruction footprint. By taking part you are directly asking the European Commission for a strong law to protect forests and nature around the world.

Get deforestation off your plate

Your local milk could come from cows fed on soy from land once covered in spectacular forests. The cookies you love may contain unsustainable palm oil or cocoa cultivated on land snatched from Indigenous Peoples.

This must be stopped - let’s get deforestation off our plates.

We can achieve this with a strong EU law to keep products linked to deforestation and ecosystem destruction out of the EU market - and this is now within reach. Fill in the petition to make the call for a new law even louder!

Say NO to EU-driven deforestation!

The public consultation on EU action to stop deforestation is now open. By signing the #Together4Forests online petition you are urging EU decision makers to end EU-driven deforestation. Tell the EU we need a strong law to protect the world's forests and nature - decision-makers are listening - SIGN NOW!