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© Elton Ferreira da Silva / WWF-Brazil

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Join the #Together4Forests movement!


Forests, wild savannahs and other precious ecosystems are being destroyed at an alarming rate. And, whether you’re aware of it or not, the milk in your cappuccino, the chocolate in your cookies, the roast chicken you eat on Sundays, and many more of your favourite meals, are fueling this destruction. 

Because legal does not always mean sustainable. And, until EU supply chains become fully sustainable, forests will continue to disappear, and people in producing countries from Latin America, Africa and Asia will be paying the price. What can you do? Join the #Together4Forests movement!


What happened so far?


MEPs in the Environment Committee of the European Parliament have sent in their proposals for changes (amendments) to the EC proposal. These will be discussed and agreed upon between now and the vote in the Committee on the 11/12 July. A vote on the final text in plenary is scheduled for the week of September 12. In parallel, environment ministers are discussing key elements of the law and the next Environment Council meeting will be held on 28 June. 


What’s next in #Together4Forests?


We are preparing the next campaign push targeting MEPs, to make sure that the law will not be watered down. Stay tuned! We still need your help to make sure forests are heard!