Campaigning until the end!

Climate change, raging forest fires, and sprawling agriculture are wiping out our planet’s forests, savannahs and other precious ecosystems.

This devastation of nature is happening fast - and it is directly connected to the meat, dairy, palm oil, coffee and chocolate we eat in Europe. From the Amazon to the Asian rainforests, the EU is responsible for more than 10% of global forest destruction. 

Your local milk could come from cows fed on soy from land once covered in spectacular forests or wild savannahs. The cookies you love may contain unsustainable palm oil or cocoa cultivated on land snatched from Indigenous Peoples and local communities. The EU has the power to help stop this destruction: It can do this by passing an ambitious new law that would keep nature destruction off the EU’s supermarket shelves.

Supported by 200 NGOs, the #Together4Forests campaign has been advocating for strong legislation for the last two years. Hundreds of thousands of people from Europe and beyond have joined our actions, asking their decision makers to raise their level of ambition. 

Since 2020:

We have come a long way, but this is not over yet. Currently, European institutions are negotiating the final text for this law, which is expected to be adopted by the end of this year. There is much at stake and the coming months will be crucial. This is why over 140 civil society, Indigenous Peoples and smallholder organisations from around the world have come together once again to remind the negotiators that we’re watching them

We will continue to campaign until the last minute to ensure the law is not a paper tiger - watch this space for more updates!